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Project Type: Digital Campaign, Student Work

Role: Art Director

Team: Maggie Ferber (AD), David Nunez-Ariza (CW)

Challenge: Drive awareness and sales of Kiehl’s male products.

Idea: Kiehl's 101: Education is key. 


Unfortunately, not many men know how to properly take care of their skin, with Kiehl's 101 we make the learning process a bit easier.



L E S S O N  # 12: Facebook Video Spot

VO: Hey, fellas, Kiehl's 101 here, and we'd like to politely ask you to please stop trying to scratch the inside of your nose in public. It's disgusting, and the ladies aren't feeling it. Instead, use special scissors or battery powered trimmer to shave your nose hairs. Yes, nose hairs are a real thing, and people can see yours. Learn more at Move the hand away from the nose, Trevor!

L E S S O N  # 25: Facebook Video Spot

VO: Hey fellas, Kiehl's 101 here, although you may have a great time playing around with that loose piece of skin on your lips, it's gross, and nobody wants to see that. Now, stop playing with a decaying part of your body like a 3-year-old at daycare and get serious about keeping your lips healthy with a daily lip balm. Learn more at I said stop biting your lip, Brad!


L E S S O N  # 32: Instagram Video Spot

VO: Hey fellas, Kiehl's 101 here, although you may step fresh out of the shower feeling like P.Diddy there are certain parts of your body that aren't always feeling the love. When's the last time you scrubbed down between your toes, behind your ears, and inside your belly button? That's what I thought. Don't be that guy, go to Kiehl' for more info. Do not stick your finger in your belly button and taste it, Maurice!

L E S S O N  # 47: Instagram Video Spot

VO: Hey, fellas, Kiehl's 101 here and we want to talk to you about razor bumps. They're like your little brother, unexpected, unplanned for, and no one wants to bother taking care of them. But, shaving with the grain and exfoliating before you shave are great ways to prevent them from happening. Go to for more info. Five bucks aren't going to make up for years of brotherly neglect, Chad.



Drive awareness and sales of Kiehl’s male products.


Education the is key to initiate the transformation of new, male (and female) consumers into a loyal Kiehl’s tribe.



The digital amplification utilizing Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Tinder serve to help educate men (and women) of the benefits of learning how to properly care for your skin.

Each digital portal obtains a call-to-action directly to the Kiehl's website, encouraging users to buy.