For sexually exploited girls and young women, it can feel as if there is no way out.

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GEMS, a community that addresses the needs of commercially and sexually exploited girls and young women, typically make contact with girls through the court system, when they are arrested for prostitution. But, with interactions moving online, it’s harder than ever to reach the girls. Today, all interactions happen on sites like Backpage and Erotic Monkey, where “Johns” respond to ads within minutes. How might we find these girls and intervene?


What if we could connect with girls before they’re forced into the life? What if we could intervene before they ever turn their first trick? Because really, the best way to help these girls is to ensure that they never enter the life to begin with.



With the help of our “Jewels” (advocacy leaders), our “Gemstones” (at-risk sexually exploited girls) are able to find and cultivate a community and experience girlhood on the GEMSTONES app. By creating a regulated safe space online for girls to connect with others ready to offer support, we’re able to help them avoid even considering the lifestyle. Connecting Gemstones to Jewels will help these girls cultivate a community, strengthen their voices and pursue their passions.

Rescue can’t be a plan for anyone’s life...That’s not a long-term plan. It has to be about empowerment, about opportunity, about building on the inherent strengths that someone has.”
— Rachel Lloyd, CEO & Founder of GEMS
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